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Victoria Secret Bombshell New York 100ML (Parallel Import), Includes Delivery

Victoria Secret Bombshell New York 100ML (Parallel Import), Includes Delivery
Victoria Secret Bombshell New York 100ML (Parallel Import), Includes Delivery


Bright lights, Bombshell in the city. Sexy and glamorous, it's the smell of flowers blooming at night and the energy of a city that never sleeps.

Victoria Secrets Bombshell New York is a floral - fruity composition with notes of star fruit, twilight jasmine and vanilla from Madagascar.

Bombshell New York Perfume by Victoria's Secret, Sweet vanilla nuances fuse with white florals and luscious, tart-sweet tropical fruits in Bombshell New York.

This summery fragrance layers luminous paradise tones and shimmering florals over a mesmerizing vanilla base. Crisp ambrosial notes of starfruit sparkling with facets of bright lemon and red cherry open the scent with effusive energy.

The heart notes are a heady, ethereal white floral blend of night-blooming jasmine and camellia. Sweet, inviting vanilla harmonizes the tangy and fruity fantasy notes of the introduction, leaving a magnetic, subtly seductive trail that’s light and lingering.

Fragrance notes: carambola, lemon, bergamot, camellia, ice, night blooming jasmine, madagascar vanilla.


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