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Narciso Rodriguez For Her Black 100ML Eau De Toilette (Parallel Import)

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Black 100ML Eau De Toilette (Parallel Import)
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Narciso Rodriguez For Her Black 100ML Eau De Toilette (Parallel Import)


One of its kind, for her eau de toilette is a sophisticated, daring and subtle fragrance. It constitutes one the finest tributes that Narciso Rodriguez wished to pay, with his love and gratefulness, to all women and their ability to inspire him. He created the for her collection in order to capture and restore the essence of elegance and femininity.

Its captivating heart of musk is skillfully enhanced by three notes: floral, amber and woody, in a multi-faceted fragrance. The softness of honey flower, orange blossom and vanilla brings a sweet and trim touch and illuminates the sensuality of the scent.

Sobriety, at the heart of the designer’s work, is combined with modernity to make for her an iconic and unforgettable fragrance.

An elegant bottle with a hint of mystery…

The bottle of for her eau de toilette is the expression of Narciso Rodriguez’s creative vision: classicism stripped of anything superfluous to achieve a timeless modernity.

The clean lines are full-bodied, sensual, suggestive and yet the bottle remains sober, discreet. The streamlined, architectural bottle exhibits in the transparency of its glass a mysterious black heart containing the precious fragrance.


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